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Please permit us to introduce to you our new monthly online publication free distribution to healthcare professionals, their clients and stakeholders. The first issue will be published in April 2021


Publisher: Health and Development Consult.

Frequency: Monthly, online, beginning in April 2021.

Target Audience and Stakeholders: Medical Health Professionals, Other Healthcare Professionals, Health Workers, their clients and Stakeholders.

Subscription: Free


Africa needs to develop in a sustainable manner. To be able to do so, we need sound minds in sound bodies and a healthy workforce. We need reliable and effective healthcare delivery systems. As the saying goes, “The health of a nation is the wealth of the nation”. The delivery of quality healthcare requires true partnerships. When the key health care professions work in collaboration instead of along parallel lines the patient and health care system benefit. This would require the development of the appropriate team spirit among all key players having the requisite linkages and lines of communication, which allow the free flow of information in a healthcare system that is accessible to the community and ensures that each client is treated safely and cost-effectively in a humane manner.

Unfortunately, the situation on the ground in Ghana and other African countries and elsewhere is not the best. Petty jealousies and love-hate type relationships exist between various groups of health professionals with some claiming to be more important than others. There is so much turf protection, mistrust, antagonism and lack of teamwork and collaboration.


To create a platform for promoting teamwork and collaboration among medical health professionals, other healthcare professionals, their clients and stakeholders for better healthcare delivery and for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with special emphasis on health-related issues.


  1. To publish a unique, easily accessible to all in Africa and globally, a free, online monthly publication accessible to all that provides a common platform for all healthcare professionals, their clients and stakeholders and the general to talk to each other in very simple language.
  2. To facilitate the sharing of ideas, discussion of current trends and coming events and to provide timely information on the availability of medicines, devices, products, goods and services that facilitate healthcare delivery.
  3. To provide care providers, care facilities, training institutions, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, nutritional and herbal medicines a unique medium to effectively advertise their products and services to their target customers.
  4. To work together towards the achievement of the SDGs.


  • Various categories of Health Professionals and Allied Health Professionals
  • Officials of the Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service
  • Ghana AIDS Commission
  • Officials of Ministry of Education/Ghana Education Service
  • Strategic Health Partners and Foundations
  • Professional Health Associations and their Regulatory Bodies
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Food and Drugs Administration
  • Ghana Standards Board
  • Manufacturers and Distributors of Laboratory, Medical and Hospital Equipment
  • Cosmetics and Devices Manufacturers
  • Banks, Investors and Entrepreneurs.
  • Estate Developers
  • Hotels and Conference Centers
  • Representatives of UN Agencies
  • Local and International NGOs
  • Programme Managers of Malaria Control, HIV and AIDS Control, TB Control
  • The Academia, Research and Training Institutions
  • Country Managers of Ethical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies
  • Student Health Professionals
  • Interested Individuals, NGOs and CSOs.


We hereby invite all who wish to contribute articles for publishing to do so.

  1. The maximum number of words – 1,000 using Calibri font size 11.
  2. Articles should be sent in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Images should be sent in ZIP or RAR file formats.

Contributors whose articles are accepted for publishing will be notified by email indicating the month in which they will be published.

Articles will be published free of charge.


Please contact us for a moderate and negotiable price for any of the following sponsored requests:

  1. Publishing of Company Profile.
  2. CEO Interviews.
  3. Focus on Conference Facilities, Training Institutions, Regulatory Bodies.
  4. Product Launches.
  5. Upcoming Even

Contact us via email at or WhatsApp 024 496 5843.


  1. Conference reports
  2. SDGs topics.
  3. Health and Development issues.
  4. Opinions
  5. Advocacy for teamwork

We do not accept original scientific research papers as these are meant for specific scientific journals.

Contact us via email at WhatsApp us on 024 496 5843.


We need SPONSORS and PARTNERS to join hands with us in prosecuting this worthy enterprise. There are several benefits subject to negotiations and finalization.

Contact us via email at or WhatsApp us on 024 496 5843.


Please email us at or WhatsApp us on 0244965843 to place your adverts accordingly.

Please take note that the whole world is now online as a result of the Covid-19 experience.

Health And Development News-On-Line presents to you one of the best and most cost-effective medium to advertise the products and services of your company or institution. Please don’t delay.

Our rates are very moderate and negotiable.

All advertisement materials must be sent by email.

Please confirm your bookings from April – December 2021 in advance for better deals.

Health and Development News-On-Line will be published monthly from the 1st of April, 2021.

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