Join us in our advocacy for Teamwork among healthcare professionals for better, effective, safe, affordable, accessible and humane healthcare delivery for sustainable development.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Africa needs to develop in a sustainable manner. To be able to do so, we need sound minds in sound bodies and a healthy work force. We need reliable and effective healthcare delivery systems

Our Mission is to provide consultancy, advocacy and other services to corporate bodies and institutions, especially those in the private sector to link up the health of the people with their own growth and business development as part of their social responsibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see to it that health promotion and healthcare delivery are based on peaceful cooperation, an understanding of our growing interdependence and the need for teamwork as well as an appreciation of the imperative for the private corporate sector to be more proactive in enhancing their corporate social responsibility in the health sector to guarantee their own growth and the development of society.

Health is not a cost, it is an investment – in economies, in security, in stability, in growth. As the saying goes, the health of a nation is the wealth of the nation.

What We Do


  • Public Health Education & Promotion.

  •  Training Programmes for Medical Representatives and other Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Personnel, Licensed Chemical Sellers, Other Healthcare Providers.


  • Newsletters, Brochures and Magazines

  • Hard Copy Books as well as eBooks in the Health, 
    Social and Development Sectors


  • Through Fora, Meetings, Conferences & Exhibitions, Social Media, Radio, TV and Press


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Let us help you with your cooperate social responsibility in the healthcare sector to guarantee the sustained growth of your company, institution or organization.