Join us in our advocacy for Teamwork among healthcare professionals for better, effective, safe, affordable, accessible and humane healthcare delivery for sustainable development.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Africa needs to develop in a sustainable manner. To be able to do so, we need sound minds in sound bodies and a healthy work force. We need reliable and effective healthcare delivery systems

Our Mission is to provide consultancy, advocacy and other services to corporate bodies and institutions, especially those in the private sector to link up the health of the people with their own growth and business development as part of their social responsibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see to it that health promotion and healthcare delivery are based on peaceful cooperation, an understanding of our growing interdependence and the need for teamwork as well as an appreciation of the imperative for the private corporate sector to be more proactive in enhancing their corporate social responsibility in the health sector to guarantee their own growth and the development of society.

Health is not a cost, it is an investment – in economies, in security, in stability, in growth. As the saying goes, the health of a nation is the wealth of the nation.

What We Do


  • Public Health Education & Promotion.

  •  Training Programmes for Medical Representatives and other Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Personnel, OTC Medicine Sellers, Other Healthcare Providers.


  • Newsletters, Brochures and Magazines

  • Hard Copy Books as well as eBooks in the Health, 
    Social and Development Sectors


  • Through Fora, Meetings, Conferences & Exhibitions, Social Media, Radio, TV and Press


Pharm Abraham Gyesie, the CEO of HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULT has over forty years of experience in the field of
pharmaceutical marketing and management in English speaking West African Countries. He has considerable experience as
a pharmaceutical services and business development consultant. His clients have included the following:

  • Ghana Ministry of Health.
  • Ghana Pharmacy Council
  • PMG-MAN – Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.
  • Management Sciences for Health (MSH), USA.
  • Population Council Ghana Office.
  • The University of Ghana School of Pharmacy.
  • Ghana National Licensed Chemical Sellers Association, now known as the OTC Medicine Sellers Association.
  • Universal Hospitals Group Ltd.
  • Sandoz Ltd, Basle.
  • Abbott Laboratories Ltd, USA.
  • Wockhardt Ltd, Cipla Ltd, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd, all of India.
  1. He was a member of the Third Pharmacy Council of Ghana.
  2. He was the Editor and Publisher of “MED-INDEX”. This is a Medical Index of Pharmaceutical
    Specialties, Branded Generics, Herbal Drugs & One Stop Directory of Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies,
    Superintendent Pharmacists. Registered Midwives and Licensed Chemical Sellers in Ghana.
    This book, which is well illustrated and packaged in colour in a reader-friendly manner, takes the form
    of a story set in Ghana involving Papa Kofi and his family who hail from an
    imaginary town called Kuropapa. All the Characters are fictional. The story of
    Papa Kofi and his family is told in such a way as to address the pertinent issues
    in the prevention of HIV and AIDS and the proper care for those infected and
    affected by the disease. It is based on the African tradition of storytelling
    with questions and answers sessions as a medium for imparting knowledge to the
    reader. It is also a medium for challenging people to take positive action to
    protect themselves and others from contracting HIV/AIDS and to provide humane
    treatment and care for those infected and affected by it.


    We collaborate with a network
    of relevant independent Consultants in serving the needs of our clients as well
    as undertaking assignments as we deem fit and in the supreme interest of our

Let us help you with your cooperate social responsibility in the healthcare sector to guarantee the sustained growth of your company, institution or organization.